We have formulated a number of programmes which address each child’s physical, emotional, mental, developmental educational and therapeutic needs.


In the 60 years of our existence, our children have never done as well at school as they do at the moment.

Unlike other Children’s homes, we have a fully functioning education department under the leadership of a former school principal, and the results are astounding. Our Child Care Workers are assisted by volunteer teachers and students to help children with a disadvantage catch up, and eventually excel at their schoolwork.

A culture of learning is instilled right from the pre-schooler to the former residents of the Children’s Home who are currently busy with formal tertiary education.




Children are developing young beings who are in possession of amazing abilities, strengths and resilience. Their endless capabilities drive the developmental programme which also teaches them to uilitise and address trauma. This involves continued contact with their parents, family and significant others which helps and guides them once released and reintegrated into society.



Children who are admitted to a children’s home have experienced serious trauma. Once assessed, specific therapeutic strategies are developed for the individual child which is constantly under review. Psychologists, speech & occupational therapists and forensic assessors are called in when the need arises and together with these professionals as well as the social and childcare workers, a common goal is reached in our children’s lives.



Our children’s health and well-being is closely monitored by our on-site nurse who is on call during the week and after hours. We are also blessed to have an amazing network of healthcare professionals who are always willing to help and provide the best care to our children whether it’s a routine doctor’s appointment or an emergency