About us

The first eight years of a child’s life are crucial for their brain development and represent a vital opportunity for education. Early childhood care and education provide a strong foundation for emotional wellbeing and learning throughout life, promoting holistic development, gender equality, and social cohesion. It is considered one of the most significant investments that can be made for a child’s future.

Unfortunately, due to their backgrounds, the children in our care face a significant deficit in their early childhood development. However, we recognize the incredible opportunity to help these children catch up and achieve their full potential in society.

To achieve this goal, we have made a significant investment of time and resources in the development and educational support for our 7 toddlers, 8 Grade R students, and 12 Grade 1 students. Our focus will be primarily on the Grade R and Grade 1 students, but all play activities and swimming lessons will be inclusive for our toddlers.


Ons is vas berade om elke kind in ons sorg die heel  beste  te versorg wat ons kan.  Om dit te doen werk ons elke dag daaraan om beter akademiese hulp, beter gesondheidsorg, beter terapie en veral beter kindersorg aan elkeen van ons kinders te bied.

Ons verskaf gespesialiseerde residensiele sorg aan die 230nkinders wat deur die hof uit gevaarlike situasies verwyder word en in ons sorg geplaas word.

Hierdie kinders is 24/7 in ons sorg, en ons is verantwoordelik vir hulle emosionele, fisiese, akademiese en geestelike sorg.  In ‘n ideale wereld sou hierdie kinders by hul gesinne gewees het, maar die realiteit is da tons gewoonlik langtermyn vir hulle die enigste uitweg is.


Abraham Kriel is committed to providing comprehensive and professional child care.

Optimal social well-being of individuals, families and communities all in the name of God.


How it all started

Abraham Paul Kriel starts a Children’s Home in Langlaagte

In 1902 Abraham Paul Kriel  starts a children’s home in Langlaagte.

Early Trend

He travelled abroad  and throughout the country to generate funds

Kriel’s lasting legacy resonates throughout South Africa

09 June 1928 Abraham kriel passes on in Umkomaas but his legacy resonates across South Africa.

A new Dawn

In 1956 Abraham Kriel children’s home opens its doors in Potchefstroom and the new dawn begins.

This is Home

Although it shares a name with other children’s home, It operates independently with its own financial management and is now a home to 230 children.