It all started with a Facebook post and within a few hours, had exploded into one huge joyous occasion when our kids realized that they could ALL go see the Lion King.

With the whole world going crazy for the official release of Disney’s remake of the animated version which first came out in 1994, the Abraham Kriel staff put their heads together in a bid to give all 230 children a chance to see the latest offering.

The decision was made to ask followers of our Facebook page to donate a R100 which would cover the ticket as well as 3D glasses. Initially, the plan was to see how much we could raise and then make the difficult decision of who would go and who not.

But within a few minutes of the post going up last Saturday, it was evident that raising the required R23 000 necessary to accommodate all the children wasn’t an issue but rather how quickly it could be achieved. The donations just kept streaming in and by mid-afternoon, the target had been reached with plenty to spare. The surplus funds have been used to make the kids’ experiences even more special with popcorn and drinks thrown in.

A member of the public even offered to make a bus available for the transport of the kids to Ster-Kinekor and back. There were really no limits to the generosity displayed last weekend.

The Abraham Kriel staff are overwhelmed by the kindness shown and we would like to thank each and everyone for contributing to this wonderful cause.

The photos say it all!