While most across the country took it easy during week one of the national lockdown, our children at Abraham Kriel got down and dirty as they acquired lots of new exciting skills with their childcare workers. From gardening to cooking to flower arrangements, it has been a fruitful week for our residents who have been looked after like gold during this challenging period. Our staff members have gone the extra mile in ensuring these young minds and hands have been kept busy. 

Our kids who went home to their families were also supplied with ‘rescue’ packs to keep them going during this 21-day lockdown period. It required a monumental effort in not only sourcing the content – ranging from fresh vegetables to grocery cupboard essentials to bathroom must-haves to warm clothes and blankets – but also getting it all ready to be transported taking great care with regards to safety and hygiene as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage countries across the globe. It is comforting to know that all our children and staff members are safe and warm and fed.

 We’d love to share all their activities with you so take a look!


The girls get their hands dirty in the garden.


Muddy fingers everywhere!


Staying safe is our no 1 priority during this period. Wearing gloves, masks and regular temperature checks form part of our everyday routine.


Our staff members are up bright and early in the mornings to shop for all our essentials before the rush proving real heroes wear masks!


There is always time for arts and crafts – nothing better than expressing one’s creativity with bits of paper, glue, paint and magazines, always fun!


Letters and cards saying ‘thank you’ to everyone for making it all possible.


Nothing is ever too much effort for our boys who offered a helping hand with the dustbins.


In times like these, teamwork is important – keep up the good work guys!


The gardens at the children’s home are sure to impress once everything returns to normal after the lockdown.


Chefs in the making … some of our girls took to the kitchen and produced some amazing dishes. There was also time to play games and build puzzles.


Our german volunteers – Leo, Leah, Rina and Paula – have been instrumental in providing assistance wherever they can.

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