A new year brings new opportunities, new beginnings, and new challenges – it is up to you to decide if you want to focus on the positive or negative aspects of a new year.

2020 is quite an exciting year for a handful of our precious residents that will be going to school for the first time on Wednesday. Our Grade one learners were very keen to share their feelings ahead of the big day at big school.

“I am very happy – now I can finally be a big boy.”

“I am not scared to go to school – I don’t think the teachers will be angry.”

Everyone knows that you have to go to school on your first day with a suitcase, notebook and a pencil. According to one of our little blue-eyed girls, having a suitcase isn’t that important on your first day. She said that having a full lunchbox will be the best way to survive your first day at school.

There is quite a lack of excitement on our new Grade 8 students’ faces, but they do see the opportunities at starting with a clean slate. The new high schoolers are looking forward to forming new friendships, tackling new subjects and being part of a school that has traditions.

Starting high school can be daunting but our Grade 8 learners put on a brave face as they begin their new and exciting journeys.

“I am grateful for 2020 because I want to work on myself and change some of the things I did wrong in primary school.”

“I am looking forward to wearing a new school uniform and see all my friends again.”

Everything might be back to normal, but there are always little pleasures to be found around every corner, no matter how small.  If all else fails, remember your lunch box – at least this is guaranteed to make you smile!

Plenty of new friendships will be formed.

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