Keeping a ‘normal’ household of kids entertained or even just one child has been a huge struggle during lockdown … so imagine multiplying that by 70 plus! That’s us at Abraham Kriel Children’s Home in Potchefstroom.

To curb boredom, frustration and a longing for home, we’ve had to put our heads together and think of ways to keep our children stimulated and connected to loved ones during these strange times.

We’ve come up with a number of initiatives to keep our residents busy and most importantly, content. 

* Chat booth – A room within our office building was especially set up with a phone to allow our children to stay in touch with loved ones. Each afternoon, under the watchful, yet caring eye of a social worker, children are given the opportunity of making phone calls to family members. Not only do our kids treasure these special moments but we do too because nothing beats being able to say ‘hi’ and find out how your inner circle is doing. 

Staying in touch with loved ones keeps our children going until they can meet their family members face to face again.

* Tuckshop (more affectionately known as a ‘snoepie’) – Not many people can claim they don’t have a sweet tooth … and even less a child! So, we thought it would be a good idea to resurrect our tuckshop and give our kids something to look forward to once a week while juggling schoolwork and coping with a worldwide pandemic. And besides, who can resist those tangy giant cables, smarties, lunch bars or good old ‘blue mouth’ sherbet right? Oh, to be a child again.

Our children are eager to lend a helping hand in our ‘snoepie’.

* Daily covid-19 screening – Even though restrictions have been eased as South Africa adjusts to level one, we will never let our guard down when it comes to the safety and general well-being of our children. Each day, from big to small, our residents line up to have their temperatures checked and questions answered ensuring each and every one is healthy and happy. It’s amazing how even the little ones have adjusted to this ‘new normal’ of ours. 

Keeping an eye on all our childrens’ health is crucial during the pandemic.

We’ve also hosted a fun day which included traditional ‘boeresport’ games, various activities and competitions and our academic supervisor has had her hands full in providing academic support to all our kids when needed.

As an additional bonus, each of our kids received goodie bags from a generous donor which brought plenty of smiles and excited gasps. We remain extremely grateful for the community’s undying love and support during this coronavirus pandemic.

Goodie bags are the best!

No one saw Covid-19 coming and no one knows when this will all end … but despite all the challenges, it’s been fun thinking of ways to keep Abraham Kriel abuzz with activity and so far it’s been one helluva ride!  

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