Abraham Kriel’s Sponsor-a-Child project received a major boost this week with more than 20 new sponsors signed up for the next year equalling close to R70 000.

The local Keller Williams Executive team – headed by Mariana Hartslief – identified the children’s home as their beneficiary for their annual ‘RED Day’ – a yearly day of service normally celebrated on the second Thursday every May. And they made it their mission to secure as many monthly sponsorships as possible.

ALL SYSTEMS GO: The Keller Williams team rallied their troops to make a difference by securing new sponsors.

Sponsor-a-Child (SAC) is a fundraising project which encourages individuals to sign-up for a monthly debit order with all the incoming funds allocated to a specific child’s basic needs. Although no physical interaction with any child is allowed, a bond is formed through regular updates via email and the opportunity to spoil the child with birthday gifts or much-needed sports gear and equipment.

It remains one of Abraham Kriel’s most steadfast sources of income in a world filled with uncertainty right now.

Hartslief, who has been in the property industry for more than 25 years, said her team of dedicated agents wouldn’t stop until each child had acquired a new sponsor.

We set a target of 230 new sponsors and we will do whatever it takes to reach this magical number .

– Mariana Hartslief, Principal @Keller Williams Executive
ICING ON THE CAKE: Mariana and her girls pack out the cupcakes.

A once-off donation – made possible by a few donors – also helped boost the overall balance to just over 100k.

The Keller Williams team – all dressed in bright red – set up their gazebo at the children’s home last Thursday and besides the SAC sponsorships, they also organized a hearty two-course meal for all the kids, as well as sweet packets and cupcakes made possible by various kind-hearted individuals and their teams.

Once the KW crew had been welcomed, the agents all got busy on their phones and by the time they had left just before lunch, they had bagged quite a few new sponsors. The process continued once they got back to their office in Du Plooy Street and with the end goal in sight, there is no stopping this steam train. Well done everyone!

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