We write and follow a unique individual development plan for each child. A team of professionals work together to reach specific objectives for that child. This team consists of the Child Care Worker (a qualified professional who cares for the child like a parent), a Social Worker, the Child Care Manager, the Educational Manager, etc.

When determined that a child has issues that could be best addressed by outside professionals, we take him/her to experts such as psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists and other medical experts. Abraham Krielís Social- and Child Care workers provide therapeutic services to the children.

It is the responsibility of an external social worker (usually the worker who did the initial placement) to provide services to the parents or family members and to oversee the possibility of reunification of parents and children.

In the 61 years of our existence, our children have never done as well at school as they currently do. Unlike other children's homes, we have a fully functioning education department under the leadership of an qualified school principal and the results are astounding.

Our Child Care Workers are assisted by volunteer teachers and students to help children with a backlog, and eventually excel at their schoolwork.

Skills training

While not every child at Abraham Kriel can become a lawyer, doctor or pharmacist, everyone can play a significant part in society. We encourage our children to participate in our vegetable garden, welding, woodwork, bead making as well as general handyman work projects.


This, together with journalism and photography projects, teach our kids the necessary skills to aid them in finding jobs and succeed as adults.


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